Ninetailed, Personalization

Podcast: A Conversation about Personalization for Headless CMS

Andy Kaiser

Andy Kaiser 1 min read

Photo by Ben Neale on Unsplash

A lively conversation between Marcelo Lewin, from HeadlessCreator, and Andy Kaiser, founder and CEO of Ninetailed, all about personalization, how it works, what tools you should be aware of and how to incorporate it into a headless CMS.

Listen to the podcast or watch a video of the live stream for free.

Questions asked in the interview:

  • Tell us about yourself.

  • Tell us about Ninetailed

  • Let's define personalization. What is it?

  • Why is personalization important? What are the benefits?

  • What are some drawbacks to personalization?

  • How do we balance personalization with privacy?

  • How can we measure the success of content personalization?

  • What should a company's goal (or goals) be with personalization?

  • What are personas and why are they important?

  • How much information from the user do you need to track for personalization to work properly?

  • Are there some do's and don'ts to personalization?

  • Tell us about the tech stack a company needs to consider to incorporate personalization with their headless CMS.

  • How to find a coach or mentor for initial personalization efforts?

  • How important is it to have a structured and scalable content model in your headless CMS for personalization to work properly?