The modern way to revenue acceleration

We accelerate business growth with a/b testing and personalization for Jamstack and headless CMS.

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The first headless personalization platform

Built for API-first CMS, Ninetailed is the first revenue optimization platform for the modern web. Enhance your visitors experience and grow your customers with a/b testing and personalization for headless CMS and Jamstack.

Personalize faster with a modern optimization platform

Fully integrated with your headless CMS for the easiest, fastest way to manage experiments and personalizations.

  • Ideal integration with headless CMS

    Create personalized experiences within your headless CMS. No external tool for full focus on content creation and workflows.

  • Seamless content creation

    Empower your content with experiments and personalization experiences in your headless CMS.

  • Build better digital experiences

    Integrate external data-sources, like your CRM or Google Ads.

Optimization platform for modern teams

Improve your customer and shopping experience without web performance trade-offs and the best developer experience.

  • The best developer experience

    Easy integration with SDK & plugins for major frameworks and headless CMS apps. Use the tools and workflows you love.

  • Blazing fast customer experience

    Renders within 20ms with 0% extra load time on non personalized pages.

  • Built for Jamstack sites

    No flicker effect or render blocking like 3rd party scripts.

Works with the tools you love

Ninetailed is designed to seamless integrate in your Jamstack tools and headless CMS. It's the easiest, fastest way to experiment and create experiences to improve your customer experience and accelerate your revenue.

Experiment, Personalize, Fast

Outstanding and modern companies improve and grow with experimenation, personalization and performance.

Experimentation works

Always be innovating

Companies like Amazon, Google, and Netflix win through fast-cycle scientific experiments. Modern teams need to innovate, iterate and go to market faster.

Users' expectations grow

Build digital experiences

Consumers expect relevant content and personalized digital experiences. Modern companies accelerate the creation of audience specific content.

The future of the web

Performance is vital

Web performance effects your search rankings, bounce rates, brand awarness and revenue. It cannot be a trade-off for modern teams and companies.

Let's build the future of the web.

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