For Content Teams

Create Exceptional Experiences With a Few Clicks - No Coding Required

Create personal, high-impact digital experiences that engage key audiences with minimal effort, and get more leads with real-time A/B testing. All within your headless CMS


Easily Define and Target Your Audience Through the CMS UI

Identify and target your website's most valuable audience segments without leaving your CMS. Both for personalization and A/B testing

  • Create Personalization

    Create your personalization campaign directly from the content management system

  • Design Experiments

    Design and run experiments in minutes without any code needed

  • Define Audience

    Select your audience and allocate traffic with our audience builder via behavioral, campaign, and conversion signals

Experience Creation within CMS UI (for Contentful)
Best Content Experience

Easily Personalize Your Website for Each Visitor Within Your Headless CMS

Create personalized experiences and experiments to grow and nurture your audience within your headless CMS

Smart Content Creation for Personas

Personalization experiences that work at the content level

  • Actionable Data

    Identify visitors with actionable data and enhance their experiences

  • Behavior Signals

    Create personalized experiences based on page views, website events, time on page, page referrer, etc.

  • Get Real-Time Insights About Your Customers

    Create real-time digital experiences with data-driven experimentation and personalization with customer data

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86% of Consumers Say Personalization Plays a Role in Their Purchase Decisions

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Create Everything in Blazing Fast Performance

Lightning-fast performance with our geo-distributed API and Edge Side Re-Rendering technology. Make static site generators websites dynamic without performance trade-offs.

  • 100% Fast Personalization

    Score a perfect 100% on Google PageSpeed Insights with our Edge Side Re-Rendering technology.

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