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We're Empowering Brands to Tailor Experiences. Effortlessly

Ninetailed is the leading personalization and experimentation technology that empowers brands to understand their audience and create, deliver, and test tailored experiences

About Us
Our Story

Personalization Was Slow, Breaking the Website Workflows, and Unable to Scale. We Built Ninetailed to Change This

Nowadays, we have more data than ever, sitting in different systems and platforms. Producing content is easy and affordable, but showing the right content to the right person is still a big question.

To tailor every experience, we need to solve the biggest unsolved challenge around personalization: How to Deliver Personalized Experiences at Scale?

Ninetailed was started by Andy and Alex to solve their own problem, creating landing pages at scale that are personalized for paid traffic and location.

Traditional solutions were not built for the modern web, slowing down websites, breaking the website flow, and unable to scale.

To change this, Alex and Andy started building Ninetailed on composable MarTech principles by closely working with the early users of the product.

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"We believe in a world where everything you experience is tailored for you."

Our Vision

Trusted by the Best Investors to Achieve Our Mission

With the trust and support of world-class investors and business angels, we're reimagining personalization.

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Our Technology

Continuous Optimization of Tailored Experiences Is the Future

Personalization has emerged as the holy grail for marketers in the digital age, yet achieving this at scale with legacy tools has been like finding a needle in a haystack. Traditional marketing technologies often fall short, unable to bridge the gap between vast amounts of customer data and the actionable insights needed to deliver personalized experiences.

Ninetaied is a composable personalization solution built with composability and MACH principles at its core, giving businesses the tools for tailored experiences, scalability, and continuous optimization.

By bridging the gap between datacustomer, content, and experience, composability, and AI, Ninetailed empowers businesses to turn infinite content and customer data into the best possible personalized experiences delivered at the right time, in the right format, and via the right channel.

Visionary Technology

Personalization at Scale Is a Loop That Constantly Optimizes the Experiences

Personalization at scale requires data, content, streamlined workflow, and continuous optimization. Personalization at scale is not climbing up a pyramid but rather a loop that needs to optimize itself from every interaction:

  • Analyze

    Identify segments and individual audience characteristics by leveraging past experiments, behavior, and conversion data.

  • Create

    Produce the content variants for personalized experiences.

  • Experiment

    Discover, based on data, what resonates best with the audiences.

  • Personalize

    Deliver the most effective content variant to a given audience.

Organizations Are Converting More Visitors Into Customers with Ninetailed

Increase your revenue from the same traffic by creating, testing, and analyzing personalized experiences with Ninetailed

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Key Results Achieved with Ninetailed

Higher Conversion Rates
Higher CTRs
Minutes to Personalize

Our Founders

CEO and Co-Founder

Andy Kaiser

Andy is the CEO & Co-Founder of Ninetailed, with a background in psychology, marketing, data, and entrepreneurship. He is a determined thought leader and entrepreneur, an advocator of well-crafted digital products and experiences with true innovativeness and expression.

With expertise in psychology, marketing, data, and entrepreneurship, he has over twenty years of experience in enterprise CMS, digital companies, and advertising agencies. He is passionate about data and how it can be used to create meaningful experiences while remaining customer-centric and privacy-conscious.

CEO and Co-Founder - Andy Kaiser
CTO and Co-Founder

Alexander Braunreuther

Alex is the CTO & Co-Founder of Ninetailed. He's a seasoned entrepreneur and technologist who began coding early, quickly progressing to build games and websites in his youth. With a knack for identifying emerging technologies early, he has a track record of founding successful companies and embracing bleeding-edge tech such as serverless computing, edge technologies, and headless solutions.

Commercially driven yet technically adept, Alex brings a unique blend of skills to his ventures, with a keen focus on leveraging the latest advancements to drive innovation and business growth.

CTO and Co-Founder - Alexander Braunreuther

Our Leadership Team

VP of Marketing

Irina Botea

Irina is VP of Marketing at Ninetailed, where she cuts through the noise to get things done. With over a decade of experience in driving the growth and success of technology companies, Irina has built a reputation for valuing clear communication and practical solutions over industry jargon.

She also serves as the Co-Chair of the MACH Alliance Marketing Council, driving forward the conversation on composable architectures and best-of-breed enterprise technology ecosystems.

Outside of work, Irina unwinds on the biking trail or with a good book, a testament to her belief in the importance of balance and real connections.

VP of Marketing - Irina Botea
VP of Sales

Kim Bergstrand

Kim is VP of Sales where he has spent most of his career in high-growth, early-stage B2B SaaS – both as a founder of his own startup and as an early hire on sales teams.

He first entered the composable space in 2016 when joining Contentful to help build their initial sales motion. Kim loves the challenge of taking complex, category-defining products to market; all the way from onboarding the first large customers to setting up the infrastructure and teams to help it scale.

VP of Sales - Kim Bergstrand
Head of Partnership

Gabriel Dillon

Gabriel leads the partnerships function at Ninetailed. Before Ninetailed, he founded a Y Combinator-backed startup, grew revenue, raised money from top tier venture capital firms. First North American sales hire at Algolia, first partner sales executive at Algolia, grew top-tier agency relationships at Contentful.

Head of Partnership - Gabriel Dillon
Head of Engineering

Sebastian Mühr

Sebastian leads the engineering function at Ninetailed, bringing deep expertise in everything AI and guiding our engineering teams with an agile mindset. He went from coding games as a teenager to founding his own startup and architecting modern solutions.

Head of Engineering - Sebastian Mühr
Ninetailed by Numbers

We’re a Distributed and Diverse Team Working from All Around the World for the Same Vision


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