Contentstack Personalization and A/B Testing Made Easy with Ninetailed

Increase conversions and drive more revenue by creating personalized experiences and experiments inside Contentstack with Ninetailed

Key Results Achieved with Ninetailed

Higher Conversion Rates
Higher CTRs
Minutes to Create Experience

Organizations Are Converting More Visitors Into Customers with Ninetailed

Increase your revenue from the same traffic by personalizing, testing, and analyzing experiences with Ninetailed

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With Ninetailed, Everything You Need to Generate More Revenue Is Inside Your Content Management System

  • Define

    Easily define audiences inside your CMS with any customer data you have and learn how they interact with content components

  • Create

    Create personalized experiences and experiments without depending on developers, just like adding a new content entry

  • Analyze

    Understand the effectiveness of your personalized experiences and the results of your experiments

  • Optimize

    Optimize your revenue generation by constantly refining the personalized experiences and tests

A/B Testing for Contentstack

Test Any Content on Your Website to Eliminate the Guesswork

Get more out of your content. Stop wasting time and money on things that don't work. Spend more time on the things that do work by making data-driven decisions with experiments

  • Get More Conversions from the Same Traffic with Experiments

    Understand what works and increase conversion rates and grow your revenue by doing tests — even for personalized experiences

  • Empower Your Team to Easily Design Experiments within the CMS, in a No-Code Environment

    Create A/B tests and experiments inside the CMS without depending on developers and enjoy having fast time to value

Online Test
Personalization for Contentstack

Increase Conversions and Drive More Revenue with Personalized Experiences

Quickly and easily add personalized experiences to your website. Start showing the right experience to the right person and increase your revenue

  • Create Personalized Experiences without Breaking Your Content Workflow

    Create personalized experiences inside your CMS workflow without depending on developers and enjoy fast time to value

  • Personalization without Compromising Privacy

    With Ninetailed, you can easily leverage the zero- and first-party customer data you have for personalized experiences


Only the Ninetailed App for Contentstack blends so seamlessly into the CMS to create highly engaging, data-driven digital experiences at scale. Brands are now free to experiment regularly, campaign intelligently, and activate their data investments — all from within Contentstack’s authoring environment.

Jason Cottrell
Jason Cottrell
Founder and CEO at Orium
Ebook - The Ultimate Guide to Generate More Revenue Inside Contentstack

The Ultimate Guide to Generate More Revenue Inside Contentstack

Contentstack Segmentation

Fuel More ROI from Your Customer Data with Segmentation Inside Contentstack

Define custom audience segments inside Contentstack with Ninetailed to personalize and experiment with your content

  • Easy Customer Segmentation. All Inside Your CMS

    You can create your audience segments inside your CMS, just like you're creating a title for your blog post

  • Connect Ninetailed with Data Sources to Enrich Your Customer Segments

    Connect Ninetailed to Segment, Albacross, CDP, CRM, and other data sources to enrich profiles and leverage first-party data

Ninetailed Audience Segmentation
Contentstack Insights

Turn Your Data Into Revenue by Optimizing Experiences with Insights

Bridge the gap between personalized experiencesexperiments, and experience insights for optimized experiences to boost your revenue with Ninetailed

  • Measure What Matters: Analyze the Conversion Uplift and Revenue Growth from Your Experiences

    Evaluate how your experiences translate into real-world results to optimize your strategies and achieve your business goals

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