Personalize Experiences at Scale, without Sacrificing Privacy

With our technology, companies can provide personalized experiences, the right content, and tailored offers without sacrificing customers' privacy

We care about the protection of your data. Read our Privacy Policy.
Provacy-First Personalization

Do You Care About Privacy as Much as Your Customers Do?

61% of people said they won’t buy from a company if they don’t trust how that company handles their data

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Privacy-First Personalization

Leverage First-Party Data to Create More Relevant Customer Experiences

We're the first personalization API to offer privacy-first personalization, giving businesses the ability to create better customer experiences by leveraging first-party data.

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Privacy-First Personalization

Personalize Experiences without Tracking Anything - and Anyone

Personalize experiences with the data your customers intentionally give you

"69% of consumers say they appreciate personalization, so long as it’s based on data they’ve shared with a business directly."

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The State of Personalization, 2021
Private Data

Connect Seamlessly Easy with Your Customer Data

Seamless and fast connection with your customer data via our native API integrations, SDKs & plugins for modern frameworks, and composable technology architecture

"Ninetailed is a huge value add to the overall personalized customer experience. The use of zero-party and first-party data in personalization increased our customer experience and engagement."

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Create Personalized Experiences That Are Compliant with GDPR & CCPA

The Ninetailed personalization and experimentation solutions are built around the idea of privacy by design. We are committed to strict data privacy, security, and compliance with laws and regulations.

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CCPA Compliant

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