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AI Suggestions gives you the power to refine your audiences, experiments, and personalized experiences with unparalleled precision

AI Suggestions (Core Capabilities)

Organizations Are Converting More Visitors Into Customers with Ninetailed

Increase your revenue from the same traffic by creating, testing, and analyzing personalized experiences with Ninetailed

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Key Results Achieved with Ninetailed

Higher Conversion Rates
Higher CTRs
Minutes to Create Experience

Segment Your Audience with AI-Powered Precision

Knowing your audience is one thing; understanding how to segment them effectively is another.

Audience Suggestions streamlines this process, utilizing AI to analyze behavior, demographics, and first-party data, thereby identifying and suggesting the most viable audience segments for your experiments and personalized experiences.

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AI-Powered Way to Personalization at Scale

Experience Suggestions are designed to upgrade your marketing strategy by providing AI-powered experiments and personalized experiences that resonate deeply for your specific audience segments.

Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, Experience Suggestions analyzes an array of data points, including user behavior, demographics, and first-party data to provide the best possible experience for the specific audience segments.

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