A Knowledge Hub for Digital Experience Optimization

Our glossary is a knowledge hub for the most commonly used personalization, experimentation, and experience optimization terminology


  • API (Application Programming Interface)

    Learn everything you need to know aboutΒ APIs

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  • Audience Segmentation

    Learn the who, what, and why of audience segmentation

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  • Atomic Content

    All content can and should be treated as a discrete piece of data - an "atom"

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  • Ad Personalization

    Tailor ads to individual users based on their personal characteristics and preferences

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  • Account-Based Personalization

    Take your account-based marketing strategy to the next level with personalization

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  • API-First Headless CMS

    Learn everything you need to know about API-first headless CMSs

  • Active User

    Users who actively use your product or services

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  • Above the Fold

    This area is the "prime real estate" because it's the first thing visitors see when they land on a site

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  • Artificial Neural Network

    Computational models inspired by the biological neural networks found in the human brain

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  • Automation Bias

    Tendency to rely too heavily on automated systems, even when they provide incorrect information

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  • Affinity-Based Recommendations

    Utilize consumer behavior data to make personalized suggestions for products or services

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  • API Management

    Process of creating, publishing, documenting, and analyzing APIs in a secure and scalable environment

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  • Ad Tech

    Technologies that enable advertisers to deliver targeted and relevant ads to consumers

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  • Adaptive Learning

    A teaching approach that uses technology to personalize the learning experience for individuals

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  • Below the Fold

    Content that is positioned below the horizontal fold line on a page

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  • Brand Engagement

    Level of interaction and connection that a customer has with a brand

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  • Behavioral Targeting

    Process of displaying relevant content, offers, and ads based on previous browsing behavior

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  • Business Intelligence

    A critical aspect of business that involves the collection, analysis, and presentation of data to support decision-making

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  • Business Analytics

    The use of various techniques and tools to extract insights from data

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  • Cookieless Personalization

    Stay ahead of the curve and keep your personalization and advertising efforts going strong

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  • Composable Commerce

    Have the flexibility to choose the individual components that best meet your needs

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  • Customer Data Platform (CDP)

    Enable your business to unify customer data from multiple sources

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  • Customer Relationship Management

    Keep track of sales, marketing, and customer service interactions

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  • Content Management System

    A CMS provides an easy-to-use interface for creating and editing content

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  • Contextual Relevance

    Create content that is not only relevant to your audience, but also timely and useful

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  • Competitive Marketing

    Have a clear understanding of your competitors in order to be more successful

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  • Content Delivery

    Content delivery is the process of delivering content to an audience

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  • Content Recommendation Engine

    Analyze a user's activity and determine which content to recommend to them

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  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    Increase the percentage of website visitors who take the desired action

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  • Content Personalization

    Learn everything you need to know about content personalization

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  • CRM Personalization

    Use customer relationship management (CRM) data to tailor interactions with individual customers

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  • Customer Journey Mapping

    Create a visual representation of the steps your customers take to interact with your business

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  • Composable Personalization

    Learn everything you need to know about composable personalization

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  • Content Management Platform

    Learn everything you need to know about the content management platform

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  • Content Federation

    Combine content data from different sources and backends into a single repository using APIs

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  • Customer Experience Management

    Design and respond to customer interactions to create a positive impression of your brand

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  • Content Intelligence

    Understand and analyze the data contained within the content

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  • Content Modeling

    Learn everything you need to know about content modeling

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  • Composable Architecture

    Learn everything you need to know about composable architecture

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  • Composable DXP

    Learn everything you need to know about composable DXP

  • Customer Journey Orchestration

    Coordinate customer interactions across multiple touchpoints in order to create a seamless, personalized experience

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  • Control Group

    Provide a baseline against which to compare the experimental group results

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  • Customer Churn

    Learn everything you need to know about customer churn, also known as customer attrition

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  • Content Hub

    Easily navigate and discover relevant content on a specific topic

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  • Content Management Infrastructure

    Technology, processes, and people that support the creation, management, delivery, and governance of digital content

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  • Content as a Service (CaaS)

    OrganizeΒ structured content into feeds that can be easily used by other parties

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  • Content Optimization System

    Analyze and improve the quality of online content

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  • Crowdsourced Content

    Gather information from a large group of people

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  • Content Lifecycle Management

    Process of planning, creating, storing, archiving, and deleting content that is used within an organization

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  • Conversational Apps

    Programs designed to simulate human conversation in order to provide automation

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  • Content Marketing Platform

    A tool that helps businesses create and distribute high-quality content to engage their target audience

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  • Conversion Marketing

    Increase the percentage of website visitors who become customers

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  • Content Validity

    Ensure that the test or measure accurately measures the specific skills or knowledge

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  • Content Violation

    The illegal use of copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder

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  • Content Strategist

    An individual or team responsible for overseeing the creation and distribution of content

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  • Content Moderation

    The process of reviewing and approving digital content to ensure quality, accuracy, and compliance

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  • Decoupled CMS

    Separate the presentation and data layers of your website or application

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  • Digital Content Delivery Platform

    A tool that allows you to distribute and deliver digital content to your users

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  • Digital Content Management

    Process of creating, organizing, storing, and distributing digital content in a way that maximizes its value

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  • Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

    Learn everything you need to know about digital experience platforms (DXP)

  • Data Service Provider (DSP)

    Intermediaries between businesses and consumers, providing a range of services to facilitate the transfer of data

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  • Deep Learning

    A type of machine learning algorithm that uses complex neural networks

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  • Event Data (Events)

    Gain valuable insights into the activities and behaviors of your customers

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  • Experience Management

    Concept that focuses on the customer's experience with a company or brand

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  • Evergreen Content

    A type of content that remains relevant and useful to your audience for a long time

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  • ETL (Extract Transform Load)

    Process of extracting data from various sources and transforming it into a format that can be loaded into a database

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  • Experience Architecture

    Design a digital experience architecture to create a positive impression of your brand

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  • Experience Layer

    Learn everything you need to know about the experience layer of the composable MACH architecture

  • Exit Intent

    A marketing strategy that allows businesses to capture the attention of potential customers who are about to leave

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  • Experiential Marketing

    A powerful way that businesses can use to connect with their customers on a deeper, more personal level

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  • Geographic Segmentation

    Divide customers into distinct geographic units, such as regions, counties, or cities

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  • Geographic (Geo-Localized) Personalization

    Tailor your content and experiences to a specific geographic location

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  • GDPR

    Learn everything you need to know about GDPR

  • GraphQL

    Learn everything you need to know about GraphQL

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  • Git-Based CMS

    Learn everything you need to know about git-based CMS

  • Growth Hacking

    Learn everything you need to know about growth hacking

  • Geo Targeting

    Learn everything you need to know about geo targeting







  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

    Any information that can be used to identify an individual

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  • Product-Led Growth

    A strategy that focuses on using a company's products or services as the primary driver of customer acquisition

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  • Phygital Shopping Experience

    The combination of physical and digital elements in the shopping process

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  • Predictive Analytics

    A powerful tool that uses data to make predictions about future events or behaviors

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  • Psychographic Personalization

    A personalization strategy that focuses on an individual's personality, values, interests, and lifestyle

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  • Predictive Segmentation

    A type of market segmentation that uses data and predictive analysis

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  • Personification

    Providing people with relevant digital experiences based on their presumed affiliation

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  • Packaged Business Capabilities

    Software components that represent a well-defined business capability

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  • Push Notifications

    Messages sent directly to users' devices through an app or website

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  • Progressive Web Application (PWA)

    A type of software application delivered through the web, built using common web technologies

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  • Progressive Profiling

    Method to gradually collect data about a prospect over time

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  • Split Testing

    Method of comparing two versions of a webpage or app to see which one performs better

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  • Service Personalization

    A tailored, individualized approach that businesses use to deliver their services

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  • Sales Funnel

    A process that businesses use to guide their customers toward making a purchase

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  • SMS Marketing

    Use text messages as a way to communicate with customers

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  • Sales-Led Growth

    A marketing strategy that involves using sales and other revenue-generating activities to drive overall business growth

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  • Serverless CMS

    A type of CMS that uses serverless computing to manage and store website content

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  • Static Content

    Any type of digital content that does not change based on user input or other factors

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  • Statistical Significance

    A measure of how likely it is that the results of a statistical test were due to chance alone

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  • SaaS Business Model

    A software delivery model where a software application is hosted by a third-party provider

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  • SaaS Enterprise

    A type of software as a service that is specifically designed to meet the complex needs of large organizations

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  • Security in SaaS

    Set of measures and practices used to protect data and applications hosted in a SaaS environment

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  • SaaS Marketing

    Process of promoting and selling software as a service (SaaS) products

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  • Software Development Kit (SDK)

    Learn everything you need to know about software development kits

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  • Solution Architecture

    The process of designing, describing, and managing solution engineering in relation to specific business problems

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  • Sales Intelligence

    The process of gathering, analyzing, and using data to provide insights into sales performance and market trends

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  • Sales Forecasting

    The process of estimating future sales

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  • Triggered Email

    Automatically sent emails to a recipient based on their interactions with your brand

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  • Transactional Email

    Automated and triggered emails by some sort of action that the recipient has taken

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  • Transcreation

    The words "translation" and "creation" are combined to make the word "transcreation”

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