Ninetailed vs. Optimizely: How Is Ninetailed Better Than Optimizely?

Instead of creating another side-by-side comparison, we'd like to show you what sets Ninetailed apart from Optimizely.

Ninetailed vs. Optimizely

Key Results Achieved with Ninetailed

Higher Conversion Rates
Higher CTRs
Minutes to Create Experience

7 Unique Things Only Ninetailed Can Do

With Ninetailed, Everything You Need to Generate More Revenue Is Inside Your Content Management System

Ninetailed seamlessly integrates with your CMS, empowering marketers to effortlessly create experiments and deliver personalized experiences without the need to learn a new tool. In contrast, Optimizely relies on its own dashboard, which introduces a learning curve for users.

"Ninetailed enabled Ruggable to create experiences in under an hour - down from one day for a simple message personalization and two days for a promo banner personalization."

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Dylan Feiner, Sr. Product Manager at Ruggable
Ninetailed Audience Segmentation

Ninetailed Removes the Developer Dependency

With Ninetailed, anyone can easily create, run, and analyze experiments and personalized experiences without depending on developers or technical support. In contrast, Optimizely necessitates developer intervention for each experiment, from setup and activation to removal.

"Our content editors can run A/B tests whenever they’d like and build pages based on those findings. Overall, the load on the engineering team is much smaller, and we get a lot of satisfaction seeing how these new capabilities change our ways of working."

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Sheri Kruzel, Head of Digital Product at Ace & Tate
Personalization Statistics for 2024

Ninetailed Breaks the Dependency on Data Teams Too

Easily bridge the gap between audience segments, content components, and customer experiences for optimized personalized experiences to boost your revenue with Ninetailed Insights. In contrast to Optimizely, Ninetailed Insights delivers a range of benefits:

  • Measure the Impact of Personalization and Experiments on Revenue

  • Uncover the Insights of Your Audience Segments and Their Interactions with Content

  • Have an In-Depth Look Into How Individual Content Components Are Performing

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"Ninetailed Insights has opened up a whole new world of data for us. It acts like a magnifying glass on our content, allowing us to delve deeper into personalization and experience performance analysis. We're making smarter decisions and better serving our customers as a result."

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Daniel Graupensperger
Associate Director, Product Management at Ruggable

Ninetailed Is Built with Speed and Performance in Mind

Ninetailed is built on an API-first approach and modern tech stack and offers SDKs for major frameworks, enabling users to deliver experiences without flickering and with no effect on SEO. In contrast, Optimizely's integration approach may result in flickering and longer load times, potentially impacting SEO rankings.

"Once Optimizely determines test variation, the content changes to it. But then we have a flickering issue with it.” - Source

Alberto Adame, Senior Product Manager, Web Marketing at DrSmile
Speed Test

Ninetailed Offers a Seamless Editor Experience

Optimizely often requires edits across multiple platforms—CMS, Optimizely itself, and the codebase—leading to potential errors and complex debugging. Ninetailed simplifies this process by enabling all actions to be performed within the CMS interface, streamlining workflow, and minimizing errors.

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Ninetailed Enables Faster Time-to-Value and Higher ROI from Content and Data Investments

This combination of Ninetailed's benefits helps businesses to achieve value faster compared to Optimizely.

  • Native Integration with CMSs

  • Swift Learning Curve

  • Easy Integration with Marketing Stack

  • Data-Driven Insights on Audiences, Experiences, and Content Components

  • No Developer Dependency for Testing and Personalization

  • Higher Testing Velocity and Personalization at Scale

Ninetailed Is Built on Scalability by Design

Ninetailed eliminates content and workflow silos, reduces reliance on developers, and offers a user-friendly and easy-to-use platform. As a result, Ninetailed enhances organizations' ability to scale personalized experiences and increase their testing volume and velocity.


Organizations Are Converting More Visitors Into Customers with Ninetailed

Increase your revenue from the same traffic by creating, testing, and analyzing personalized experiences with Ninetailed

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