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Key Results Achieved with Ninetailed

Higher Conversion Rates
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A Collection of Personalization and Experimentation Success Stories

Personalization and experimentation success stories, inspirations, and case studies to help you increase your revenue, uplift conversion rates, and fuel continuous profitable business growth.

Learn How Ruggable Increased Its Conversions by 25%

  • 25% Conversion Uplift and 7x Higher CTRs with Personalized Experiences

    Ruggable increased its conversions by 25% and CTRs by 7x by personalizing the landing pages for paid traffic

  • From Seamless Workflow Inside the CMS to Fast Personalized Experience Creation

    Ruggable decreased its personalization creation to 30-min without any dependency on developers

Ninetailed enabled Ruggable to create experiences in under an hour - down from one day for a simple message personalization and two days for a promo banner personalization

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Dylan Feiner, Product at Ruggable
Ruggable Personalization with Ninetailed (Image for Landing Page)

Learn How Ace & Tate Uses A/B Tests to Increase Its Conversions and CTRs

  • A/B and A/B/n Tests to Provide Better Experiences That Yield Higher CTRs

    Ace & Tate's testing efforts uplifted conversion rates and increased its CTRs up to 87%

  • A Strong and Consistent Testing Rhythm Enables Ace & Tate to Rapidly Identify Effective Strategies

    Ace & Tate can now conduct numerous A/B tests monthly without developer support needed, unlike their old solution.

"Our content editors can run A/B tests whenever they’d like and build pages based on those findings. Overall, the load on the engineering team is much smaller, and we get a lot of satisfaction seeing how these new capabilities change our ways of working."

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Sheri Kruzel, Head of Digital Product at Ace & Tate
Ace & Tate A/B Testing with Ninetailed (Image for Landing Page)

Learn How Pets Deli Increased Its Conversion Rates by 51%

  • Personalized Content to Supercharge Revenue and Conversions

    Pets Deli's personalization efforts during Black Friday boost conversion rates 51% and drive more sales

  • Fast and Seamless Integration Between Shopify, Contentful, and Ninetailed

    Pets Deli's development team was able to integrate Ninetailed with its existing tech stack within 24 hours

"I found Ninetailed’s API to be most flexible, easily integrating with our current tech stack and quickly enabling new features."

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Sascha Turowski, Chief Technology Officer at Pets Deli
Pets Deli Personalization with Ninetailed

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