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How Pets Deli Increased Its Conversion Rates by 51% with Ninetailed

Esat Artug
Esat Artug
February 19, 2023 · 7 min read
Pets Deli Personalization with Ninetailed

Black Friday is always a busy time for retailers, and bargain hunters aren’t just on the prowl for discounts on phones, TVs, or home appliances. They’re also looking for deals on behalf of their beloved pets. 

One of the market leaders in the European D2C (direct-to-consumer) pet food market, Pets Deli is a purveyor of high-quality food and supplies for both feline and canine companions. For Black Friday, the company saw its online conversion rates increase by 51% compared to the same day the previous year.

The reason for this impressive jump in conversions? Personalization. 

Using a personalization solution from Ninetailed, Pets Deli could quickly identify which pricing strategies were most effective in converting visitors into customers and make changes accordingly.

The results? An increase in conversion rates of over 50%, plus a 10% lower bounce rate. This is even more impressive when compared to an industry conversion rate of 10 to 15%, according to a McKinsey report.

What Did Pets Deli Want to Achieve for Black Friday? 

Eight weeks before Black Friday, Pets Deli approached Ninetailed with a brief to create a series of personalized campaigns for its customers. This was one of the biggest sales events of the year, and the company wanted to make sure that its customers received the best deals possible.

In the most straightforward terms, Pets Deli wanted to create unique experiences for its customers by offering custom pricing on products and promoting this tailored pricing via personalized content on its website.

Another goal was to move beyond the use of promo codes. Pets Deli was dissatisfied with its sales strategy for Black Friday the previous year. There were issues such as UX problems at the checkout, misuse of codes, and attempted usage after the codes had expired. There were even instances of customers forgetting to enter the code during checkout. 

The client wanted something more sophisticated that would eliminate this promo code friction while still attracting new customers during this important period. Personalized pricing is better than promo codes because:

  • It’s easy to scale

  • It can reduce bounce rates

  • It can help expand the market size

  • It can increase conversion rates (obviously!)

  • It doesn’t require any thought from the customer

Although two months’ notice is a relatively short amount of time to create a personalization campaign from scratch, both Ninetailed and Pets Deli were confident that their preparations would lead to a successful event for both customers and the business.

The integration didn’t start until two weeks after the first touchpoint — so, in actual fact, Ninetailed and Pets Deli had only six weeks to make this partnership a success!

Composable Modern Tech Stack: Seamless Integration Between Shopify, Contentful, and Ninetailed

Pets Deli has an e-commerce website using Shopify as an e-commerce solution, an in-house customer database, and Contentful as a content management platform. 

From the company’s perspective, seamless integration between Ninetailed, Contentful, and its current technology stack was key to keeping its business running smoothly while allowing it to scale up with personalization.

But because Pets Deli has a modern composable tech stack and Ninetailed has integrations with both Contentful and Shopify, its development team was able to integrate Ninetailed with its existing tech stack within 24 hours of both parties signing a contract.

Pets Deli Chief Technical Officer Sascha Turowski was delighted with the progress that had been made:

I found Ninetailed’s API to be most flexible, easily integrating with our current tech stack and quickly enabling new features. By easy integration of Ninetailed to our current technology, they’re helping us deliver on our mission to create personalized experiences for our customers.

After several more development sprints, Pets Deli had integrated its backend and coded all User Interface (UI) elements for the Black Friday campaign. The marketing team now had the ability to select any product (and corresponding price) to personalize it from within Contentful. 

Pets Deli’s marketing team was able to get to work without additional coding or development, and they rolled out the Black Friday campaign in time with an extensive marketing plan.

The marketing team could now personalize the content on Contentful with the data coming from Shopify and the in-house customer database, as well as easily manage their personalization efforts without having to worry about any additional technical solutions or details.

If anything, these native integrations and composable architecture were a big boost to the marketing team. They were able to start creating their personalization campaign right after the integration was completed because they could do everything within Contentful — like uploading a new content piece.

By integrating Ninetailed with its tech stack, Pets Deli now has unified customer profiles and real-time delivery for its personalization campaigns.

1. A Unified Customer Profile to Create a Single Source of Truth

Having a unified customer profile is one of the most important elements for successful personalization.

With Ninetailed, Pets Deli was able to use a unified customer profile for more relevant personalized experiences. This means it will always have the most up-to-date information about each of its customers, so it can provide them with the best possible pricing strategy.

Ninetailed created a unified customer profile that matches all the information that Pets Deli requires for each customer. This means Pets Deli can easily understand each customer’s purchase history and preferences and provide them with a more personalized shopping experience.

2. High-Performance Edge API for Instant Delivery

In addition to unified profiles, offering real-time delivery is another of the key pillars for meaningful personalization.

With Ninetailed, Pets Deli is able to provide a unique and tailored experience to each of its website visitors in real time. Ninetailed’s high-performance edge API makes it easy for Pets Deli to add personalization to its website without delays or missed opportunities.

This means that Pets Deli is able to identify the right personalized pricing strategy for the right customer at the right moment.

The Results of the Black Friday Personalization Campaign

Pets Deli identified different types of customers, and each segment was offered a unique set of prices and promotions that appealed to their specific needs. This approach proved to be immensely successful, as the company was able to increase its conversions.

To promote personalized pricing strategies, Pets Deli used personalized content for each customer segment. When a customer landed on the website, they saw personalized content promoting personalized pricing in real-time — thanks to the unified customer profiles and high-performance edge API for real-time delivery. 

Since the launch of its personalization campaign, Pets Deli has seen some impressive results during Black Friday. The company’s efforts have helped it boost conversion rates and drive more sales. Here are the main outcomes of its campaign:

  • 51% increase in conversion rate

  • bounce rate decreased by 10%

And to reiterate, thanks to the Ninetailed API-first approach and Pets Deli’s composable commerce architecture, it was an easy and fast integration.

The Flexibility of a Composable Commerce Approach

Adding personalization to your marketing stack can greatly improve its performance — but many solutions require time or knowledge to learn new tools.

Since Pets Deli has a composable modern tech stack and Ninetailed seamlessly integrates with Contentful, teams in Pets Deli could add personalization capabilities within Contentful without learning any new tools.

And in addition to implementing a personalized pricing strategy, Pets Deli also used personalized content and hero visuals to promote the tailored pricing to its customers. When creating and managing content, it’s important to have the ability to personalize each component for different audiences, channels, and purposes.

With Ninetailed, Pets Deli did just that with Contentful. The powerful content personalization capabilities made it easy to add dynamic content components to any page or post.

And since Ninetailed has a no-code integration for Contentful, it empowers companies to personalize different content components — more specifically, any content component it has within its Contentful dashboard.

Taking Personalization Further

Pets Deli is now looking to expand its personalization program even further. This means that customers will be able to receive personalized offers and content more than before, and not just during special events like Black Friday. 

The final word goes to Pets Deli and Sascha Turowski:

There’s nothing comparable to Ninetailed’s personalization solution in terms of easy integration and flexibility for advanced ecommerce websites using the Jamstack. This, along with their ridiculously exceptional customer service, makes them a powerful force.

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