Connect Customer and Content Data for Seamless Experiences

Ninetailed is a customer experience management software that brings together customers, content, and context to deliver seamless experiences.

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connect data

Connect Every Customer Touch Point

Keep track of customer interactions in one place

  • Connect All of the Customer Data

    Connect customer data from different sources to get a more complete view

  • Connect Customer Data with 75+ Connections

    A one-stop shop for all your needs. Enable the best analytics tools, headless CMSs, and customer data sources

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Bring It All Together

Ninetailed enables you to bring together customer datacontent data, and context to deliver seamless personalization and experimentation.

  • Integrate in Minutes, Not Weeks

    We offer SDKs & plugins for major frameworks to connect Ninetailed into your tech stack so you can focus on the workflows

  • Unified Customer Profiles

    Attribute customer behavior and interactions across all touchpoints

    Unified Customer Profiles
  • Edge Side Re-Rendering

    Create ultra-fast experiences with our edge side technology

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Headless Experience Optimization

A Selection of Our Connections and Partners

See the amazing companies that we're building the next-gen digital customer experience together

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