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New: Create personalization experiences in Contentful

Andy Kaiser

Andy Kaiser 2 min read

If you are a Contentful user, then you know how powerful this headless CMS is to create content for modern websites. But at the same time it is not possible to create personalized experiences seamlessly in Contentful, as you need external tools and scripts, which have a negative impact on page speed performance.

To solve these challenges, we’re excited to announce that we have been working on a Contentful App to enable personalized experiences in Contentful.

Contentful personalization for all teams

We have built our official Contentful App around developers, marketers and content creators. Based on the feedback of our customers, we have developed the first fully integrated personalization app for Contentful:

  • As a developer, you can install the Contentful app, configure automatically the content models to be personalized and configure the components, thanks to our SDKs and plugins, in just some minutes.

  • As a marketer, you can build perfect audiences and segments with multiple signals, intents, and unlimited traits without leaving Contentful.

  • As a content creator, you can create personalized content variants with the Contentful built-in markdown editor and embedded media library.

Curious? You can install and use our Contentful app for free in the official marketplace and find all the information you need to integrate our personalization API in our documentation.

Lighting fast edge personalization

In addition to our Contentful app you can create dynamic personalized experiences without any negative performance impact and score a 100 in Google Lighthouse performance metric. This is possible with our Edge Side [re]Rendering technology. Thanks to this edge computing technology you can even personalize and make dynamic static rendered sites.

We’re excited about the opportunities these new features have given us. We’re only getting started on building a better personalization experience for users and how teams create and integrate these experiences.

Kudos to the Ninetailed and Contentful team who contributed to this effort.