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Announcing Ninetailed’s Preview Widget to Check Your Experiences Before They Go Live

Esat Artug
Esat Artug
September 4, 2023 · 2 min read
Announcing Ninetailed’s Preview Widget to Check Your Experiences Before They Go Live

We are thrilled to introduce our brand-new capability: Preview Widget.

This new capability is designed to let you see exactly how your content will behave based on various audiences and experiences right within your development environment before it’s published.

We understand the challenges you face when it comes to testing and launching personalized experiences. That's why we've developed this widget to give you the power to preview experiments and personalized content from within your web page for different audiences.

With our Preview Widget, you can confidently launch experiences.

With the Preview Widget, you can review and refine your content to ensure it's perfectly tailored to each segment of your audience, delivering the right experiences every time.

Here's what makes the Ninetailed’s experience preview stand out:

  • Real-Time Review: View content for experiments and personalized experiences from within your webpage for different audiences — allowing you to identify any tweaks needed to make your content shine.

  • Audience-Specific Preview: See how your content will appear to different audiences

  • Fast and Efficient: Say goodbye to long hours spent on editing and re-editing. The preview widget speeds up the process, allowing you to focus more on creating compelling experiences.

  • Seamless Integration: The preview widget embeds directly into your webpage, making it a seamless part of your content creation process. (The preview widget also works flawlessly with Contentful's and Contentstack's live preview features.)

Ready to Preview Your Experiences?

Our commitment to simplifying workflows saves you valuable time and resources.

By removing the friction in the creation process, you can allocate your efforts toward other aspects of your business, ultimately driving growth and enhancing customer experiences more rapidly.

To sum up, Ninetailed's streamlined solution, emphasis on efficiency, and seamless workflow within your content creation process allow you to quickly unlock the full potential of personalization and experimentation, ensuring that there is nothing standing in your way to a faster time to value.

Want to Learn More About Personalization and A/B Testing?

Get in touch to learn how Ninetailed personalization, experimentation, and insights works inside your CMS

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