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Ninetailed Insights: Bridging the Gap Between Audiences, Content, and Experiences

Esat Artug
Esat Artug
October 3, 2023 · 5 min read
Ninetailed Insights: Bridging the Gap Between Audiences, Content, and Experiences

There is no doubt that personalization and A/B testing are two of the most successful strategies when it comes to providing better digital customer experiences — ultimately, higher conversion rates, more revenue, and an increase in the business bottom line:

  • 90% of leading marketers say personalization significantly contributes to business profitability (Google).

  • 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that recognize, remember, and provide relevant offers and recommendations (Accenture).

However, it’s not always easy to understand the effectiveness of your personalization campaigns and the results of your experiments as well as knowing where and how to start with personalization and A/B testing.

The secret to maximizing the effectiveness of these strategies is leveraging the power of data.

We are thrilled to unveil the newest addition to Ninetailed's suite of core capabilities: Insights.

This groundbreaking capability empowers digital teams to make data-driven decisions, refine their personalization initiatives, and conduct experiments with confidence. It enables them to uncover valuable insights about their audience, analyze content on a component level, and leverage experience data. Ultimately, this results in increased conversion rates, higher revenue, and elevated customer satisfaction.

Did we capture your interest? Then, continue reading. We’ll prove to you how Ninetailed's insights capabilities can transform your approach to personalization and experimentation, setting you on the path to success in the digital realm.

Audience Insights

Let’s begin with defining your audience for your future personalized campaign.

But where do you actually start?

To help you answer this question, we’ve released Audience Insights. Now, you can see how your audience segments are distributed among your total visitors and the number of visitors you have in each audience segment inside your content management system.

Determining what content to experiment with or personalize starts with understanding your audience segments. Audience Insights visualizes the number of profiles and sessions your Ninetailed Audience had over time.

You can use this information to identify the audience segments with the highest impact for personalized and/or experimental content.

Component Insights

Now that you’ve defined your audience, let’s talk about content. And we usually have a lot of it in a campaign.

So, which content should we personalize first?

Behold Component Insights, the feature that shows you which content components are seen how many times by specific audience segments. All the magic happens directly in your content management system.

Component Insights tabulates what content entries specific audience segments have seen. You can use this information to identify the highest-impact content entries for personalized and/or experimental content.

This provides actionable feedback on how different components perform with specific audience segments during a period of time and suggests to authors and digital product managers how to target specific audience segments better.

Experience Insights

When it comes to getting the most from your content, Ninetailed provides everything from defining audiences to getting insights about your audiences and content components, creating personalized experiences for different audience segments, and experimenting with your content — inside your content management system.

Moreover, we recognize that having access to the most important metrics and results right inside your CMS is crucial for understanding the impact of your personalization and experimentation efforts.

By focusing on these essential metrics, you can easily track the success of your campaigns, make data-driven decisions, and optimize your strategies for maximum effectiveness. With Experience Insights, you can easily:

  • understand the impact of personalization and experimentation on the sales pipeline by conversion value and conversion rate

  • display the conversion uplift and the additional number of leads you successfully converted with personalization and experimentation

  • compare the personalized variant or test group with the control group at ease

We’re On a Mission to Make Personalization and Experimentation as Easy as Possible for You

At Ninetailed, we understand that simplicity and efficiency are essential for businesses to thrive in a competitive environment. That's why we have designed Ninetailed to minimize the need for additional workflows while providing you with the best capabilities.

Our goal is to make tailoring experiences as easy and seamless as possible for you.

By eliminating the need for extra steps in the creation process, we help you save time and resources that can be allocated toward other aspects of your business. Our streamlined approach allows you to quickly implement personalized experiences and experiments within your content management workflow without getting bogged down by complex procedures.

Ready to Achieve Faster Time to Value with Ninetailed?

Our commitment to simplifying workflows saves you valuable time and resources.

By minimizing the need for additional steps in the creation and implementation process, you can allocate your efforts toward other aspects of your business, ultimately driving higher growth and enhancing customer experiences more rapidly.

In conclusion, Ninetailed's streamlined solution for personalization and experimentation, emphasis on efficiency, and easy insights on audiences, content components, and experiences empower you to quickly unlock the full potential of tailored experiences, ensuring that there is nothing standing in your way to achieving faster time to value.

Want to Learn More About Personalization and A/B Testing?

Get in touch to learn how Ninetailed personalization, experimentation, and insights works inside your CMS

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