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The Tail-end Report: Ninetailed's Ride of a Year, Wrapped Up

Andy Kaiser
Andy Kaiser
December 20, 2023 · 9 min read
The Tail-end Report: Ninetailed's Ride of a Year, Wrapped Up

As the self-proclaimed Head of Foxes (also known as CEO) of Ninetailed, I'm here to guide you through our annual wrap-up, or as I like to call it, "The Tail-end Report."

Buckle up because we're about to embark on a journey of laughter, learning, and a whole lot of tailored experiences.

Remember when we said, "We believe in a world where everything you experience is tailored for you?"

Well, we weren't kidding.

Our vision hasn't been about crafting an army of sentient Ninetailed Foxes (although that would be quite a sight, wouldn't it?). Instead, we've been busy building the software you need to build the experiences your customers deserve.

Our platform has been the proverbial needle and thread, weaving together data and insights to create unique, must-have ensembles that brands can't get enough of. And let me tell you, the results have been more satisfying than we could have ever imagined.

But hey, this is not just about us patting ourselves on the back. It's about you, our customers and partners, who've been with us through thick and thin, high server loads, and even that one time when our office was invaded by a mischievous fox (don't ask).

Take a moment to relax and join me as we reflect on a year filled with personalization successes, innovative experiments, and a few bumps along the way.

Our Latest Product Updates

Ninetailed Insights

We all know the predicament: you're knee-deep in personalization campaigns and A/B testing experiments, but deciphering their effectiveness feels like trying to understand quantum physics. It's a bit of a juggling act!

The magic formula?

The secret to maximizing the effectiveness of these strategies is leveraging the power of data.

That’s why, last fall, we were thrilled to unveil the newest addition to Ninetailed's suite of core capabilities: Insights.

This groundbreaking capability empowers marketing teams to refine their personalization initiatives, conduct experiments with confidence, and make decisions based on data — not just gut feelings.

This set of features enables marketing teams to uncover valuable insights about their audience, analyze content on a component level, and leverage experience data. Ultimately, this results in increased conversion rates, higher revenue, and elevated customer satisfaction.

Ninetailed Preview Widget

Ever wished you had a crystal ball to see into the future?

Well, one of our new features might not predict lottery numbers, but it does let you peek into how your content will look based on different audiences and experiences — all this before you hit that big, scary 'publish' button!

We get it. Testing and launching personalized experiences can be tricky. That's why we've whipped up the Ninetailed’s Preview Widget.

Think of it as your very own backstage pass, allowing you to see how your experiments and personalized content will strut their stuff on stage for different audiences, all from within the comfort of your own webpage.

With our Preview Widget, you can confidently launch experiences.

New Integrations

As you can see, we've been busy here at Ninetailed, tinkering away to bring you some sizzling new integrations:

  • Segment - Ninetailed Integration: This dynamic partnership means you can now use every scrap of customer data in your personalization and experimentation escapades.

  • Albacross - Ninetailed Integration: With this integration, you can better understand your ICP’s digital footprints, giving you the power to personalize like never before in the B2B context.

  • Zapier - Ninetailed Integration: We've created an integration to let you automate your data workflows, freeing up your time to focus on what really matters — creating experiences that your audience will love.

  • Google Tag Manager - Ninetailed Integration: Now, you can manage and deploy marketing tags without getting tangled in code.

These integrations are here to help you make the most of your customer data in your personalization and experimentation efforts.

You can use these integrations for segmentation, personalization, and testing purposes, inside your CMS.

At Ninetailed, simplicity and efficiency are our mantras when it comes to adding new product capabilities. We're all about making the creation of personalized experiences and experiments as easy as possible for you by eliminating unnecessary steps and letting you turn the data into revenue by optimizing experiences.

Enhancing Privacy, Security, and Trust

This year we've hit an important milestone in our never-ending quest for data security.

Ninetailed is now officially SOC 2 Type 2 compliant!

And just a couple of weeks back, we've announced a new feature that's going to change how businesses handle their data with Ninetailed.

Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for... EU Data Residency! This nifty feature ensures that your information stays right where you want it inside the EU.

These enhancements aren't just about ticking boxes. They're about ensuring that your data is protected as it should be.

So, here's to more secure and privacy-focused adventures with Ninetailed!

Strengthening the Relations with Partners

Ring the bells and roll out the red carpet because Ninetailed has just joined the MACH Alliance!

We're now together with some of the most forward-thinking technologies in the game, all dedicated to promoting the adoption of open, scalable, and flexible enterprise technologies.

The MACH Alliance is leading the charge in advocating for microservices, API-first, cloud-native, and headless (MACH) architectures worldwide. They're shaping the future, and we're thrilled to be part of this journey together with so many of our existing partners — Apply Digital, Orium, Contentstack, and Contentful, to just name a few.

At Ninetailed, we truly believe in the transformative power of MACH technologies. They're the ones that can supercharge businesses and put them on the fast track to growth. Our pledge has always been to arm our customers with the most innovative, efficient, and scalable solutions, and joining the MACH Alliance is a testament to our commitment.

We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to Ninetailed as they join the MACH Alliance. Their solid work in developing advanced, composable marketing technologies shows just how much they can contribute to the evolution of experimentation and personalization of digital experiences. Ninetailed's membership underscores our dedication to embracing diversity of expertise and methodologies. It also bolsters our joint efforts in driving innovation and agility within the realm of digital commerce and other sectors,

— Casper Aagaard Rasmussen, President of the MACH Alliance and Group SVP Technology at Valtech.

Skyrocketing Business Success

It's time to lift the curtain on Ninetailed's year of growth.

Oh, what a year it's been!

First off, we've welcomed some remarkable customers: Affirm, Kraft Heinz, and Pets Deli, to name just a few of this year’s newcomers.

Some of our customers also joined us on stage as we took part in the Storylines Roadshow, an event put together by our partners over at Contentful. In San Francisco, we shared the spotlight with Daniel Graupenspenger from Ruggable, talking about everything personalization. We did the same in Berlin, but this time around we had by our side Madalena Boavida Guerra from Ace & Tate and Andreas Feß from Personio.

We love it when we have the possibility to show the world the successes we’ve achieved together.

Ninetailed’s deep integration with content sources effortlessly increases the testing velocity, enabling companies to inform every decision happening on the website. The main benefit of experimenting quickly and having a testing velocity like this makes it easier to take more controlled and calculated risks to better understand every hypothesis that can affect the business.

— Madalena Boavida Guerra from Ace & Tate

We’ve wrapped up the event season of the fall with a gourmet talk-fest about "Decoding Personalization" in London with Elodie Bugnon from SumUp. Her team’s journey in driving growth and navigating through 20 languages was not only informative but also incredibly inspiring.

And speaking of teams, let's talk about our own — the Ninetailed Foxes.

Our team's grown a lot in the past year, now three times bigger with some really skilled folks on board, and some key leadership appointments. We're thrilled to welcome Irina Botea as our new VP of Marketing and Kim Bergstrand as our VP of Sales. With their arrival, our go-to-market organization is ready to conquer new territories and win hearts everywhere.

Giving Back to the Community

This year, we decided to swap out our traditional corporate gifts (yes, those pens and notepads) for something a bit more meaningful and, let's face it, a whole lot tastier!

We're thrilled to announce that instead of sending out the usual goodies, we've donated the equivalent funds to provide 500 meals through ShareTheMeal – an incredible initiative by the United Nations World Food Programme.

We've also kick-started our own collection campaign with a goal to donate 500 additional meals. This is where we need your superhero cape! You can be part of this global movement by donating as little as one meal. It’s easy, impactful, and, honestly, feels a whole lot better than receiving another corporate mug.

To join the feast (and fun), head over to our challenge — #FoxesFoodForce.

Looking Ahead

Without a crystal ball at our disposal, we're relying on our vision and foresight to navigate the future. And from where we're standing, it looks bright and full of promise.

Our ambitions reach beyond mere growth. We're aiming to elevate our game, not just scale but to establish a permanent, innovative presence in the industry.

This journey requires more than just amplifying our portfolio or team size, although those are definitely part of our roadmap. At its core, it's about carving out new routes and demonstrating that Ninetailed is more than just a brand — it's about experiences!

Here's to a future full of innovation, teamwork, and a healthy dose of enjoyment. At Ninetailed, we're firm believers that the road to success should be as engaging as the end goal itself.

So, let's raise our glasses (or coffee cups) and toast to a future as bright as our collective enthusiasm.

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