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Announcing the New Version of the Ninetailed’s Contentstack App

Esat Artug
Esat Artug
February 26, 2024 · 6 min read
Announcing Our Contentstack Integration to Expand Our Composable Experiences Offering

We're thrilled to announce the latest version of the Ninetailed Contentstack App!

With this new version, we continue to provide everything you need to drive more revenue directly inside your CMS — with more features and functionality. One of the highlights of this new version is the availability of our Experience Insights and Audience Insights for Contentstack, inside Contentstack.

We kept getting the same question:

How do I know if my experiments and personalized experiences are working?

This powerful feature, Experience Insights, provides you with in-depth numbers about your personalized experiences and experiments, enabling you to understand the results and impact of your tests and experiences. On the other hand, Audience Insights, visualizes the number of profiles and sessions your audience segments had over time.

In line with our continuous commitment to empowering marketers to provide better experiences, increase conversions, and drive more revenue, we've made significant strides to eliminate silos and dependencies by having a more robust integration with Contentstack. Our aim is to give you the freedom and flexibility to operate at your maximum potential without any hindrances.

What Does the New Version of Ninetailed Contentstack App Mean for Marketers

Everything Is Inside the CMS

With Ninetailed, you don't have to juggle multiple platforms or tools to run experiments, create tailored experiences, or understand the impact of these.

Everything is housed inside the Contentstack.

This means you can start breaking the content, data, and workflow silos, don’t need to learn a new tool, and easily increase your testing velocity and create personalized experiences at a scale to get the most out of your content management system.

No Dependency on Developers for Experience Creation

A/B testing or personalization doesn't have to mean endless back-and-forth with your development team.

With Ninetailed, you're in control.

Ninetailed seamlessly integrates with your content management system, meaning you can create, modify, and publish experiments and experiences without the need for coding knowledge or developer assistance.

This empowers you to react quickly to market trends, adjust experiments and experiences on the fly, and maintain the momentum of your marketing efforts.

No Dependency on Data Teams for Experience Analysis

Ninetailed is here to let marketers break free from their dependence on data teams, bringing all the key insights and data right to your fingertips.

Gone are the days of playing the waiting game for data teams to decode and deliver your test results. You no longer have to wait for the results. Instead, you get direct access to all the essential numbers and insights.

Whether you're trying to decode user behavior or make quick, data-driven decisions, Ninetailed has got your back. It empowers marketers to manage and analyze their experiments and experiences fully, making the whole process as smooth and speedy as possible.

Bringing Customer Data and Experience Creation Inside Contentstack

In the “good” old days, marketers were juggling multiple tools for various tasks. Audience segmentation in one, A/B testing in another, crafting personalized experiences somewhere else, and then analyzing the results in yet another tool. Let's not forget storing the content inside a CMS. Everything was fragmented and disconnected, leading to bottlenecks in workflow, content, and data.

And don't even get us started on the dependency on developers to set up and run experiments or the need for data teams to sift through the results.

That's where Ninetailed steps in, bringing customer data and experience creation right inside Contentstack. It's like having all your puzzle pieces in one box, making it easier to see the bigger picture.

  • Start by Segmenting Your Audience

With Ninetailed's audience segmentation features, you're now in the driver's seat. You can build up your audience segments with an array of rules. Moreover, you can also mix and match these rules for even more precise segmentation and targeting.

There's more. You can give your audience segmentation a supercharge by integrating it with your own data. Because Ninetailed is built on the principles of composability and MACH architecture.

What does this mean for you?

Well, it's simple — you can seamlessly integrate with various customer data sources. Whether it's CDPs, CRMs, e-commerce data, intent data, firmographic data, data warehouses, or anything else under the sun, Ninetailed has got you covered. There is nothing standing in your way to bring your own customer data inside Contentstack with Ninetailed.

  • A/B Test or Personalize Your Content in Your Contentstack Authoring Environment

You've taken the initial step by incorporating your audience segments into the CMS. However, Ninetailed goes beyond merely integrating customer data into Contentstack; it embeds itself directly within your content authoring space, enabling seamless A/B testing and content personalization for various audience groups directly within Contentstack.

  • Easily Understand and Analyze the Results with Experience Insights

You've been running your experiments and personalized experiences for a while. Now, you're probably wondering, "What's the impact on my conversions, revenue, and other key metrics?"

Are my personalized experiences and tests hitting the mark?

Normally, you'd have to get your data team on board to set up all the necessary tags and tracking in your analytics solution before you could even start running the experiences. Then, you'd need to wait for them to crunch the numbers and deliver the results. Sounds like a pretty hefty to-do list, doesn't it?

Well, Ninetailed is here to streamline the process. It's not just about setting up the initial experience creation process. Ninetailed provides an end-to-end solution for your tests and personalized experiences, taking you from start to finish with ease.

With Ninetailed’s Experience Insights, you can easily:

  • Understand the impact of personalization on conversion value and conversion rate

  • Display the conversion uplift and the additional number of leads you successfully converted with personalization

  • Compare the personalized variant with the control group at ease

By focusing on the essential metrics, you can easily track the success of your personalized experiences and experiments, make data-driven decisions, and optimize your strategies for maximum ROI from your content and data investments.

Ninetailed’s Insights capabilities don’t stop there. Ninetailed also offers Audience Insights for Contentstack users.

Determining what content to experiment with or personalize starts with understanding your audience segments. Audience Insights visualizes the number of profiles and sessions your audience segments had over time.

You can use this information to identify the audience segments with the highest impact for personalized and/or experimental content.

Ready to get more returns from Contentstack?

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