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How to Use Ninetailed to Create Personalized Landing Pages in Under a Minute [with AI]

Esat Artug
Esat Artug
June 9, 2024 · 1 min read
The Relationship Between Experimentation and Personalization for Customer Experience Optimization

With all of the information, ads, and content that customers have to sift through online, personalized experiences have become paramount in cutting through the noise. By aligning your website content with your targeting on paid or organic campaigns, personalized landing pages can provide an even more tailored experience and increase the chance of converting visitors. Marketers have long known the benefits that personalization can bring, but the process of creating personalized content hasn’t always been easy. 

As marketers, we know the frustration that many teams face when it comes to personalization: overly technical tools that require hours of tinkering to set up a single page, the need to pull in developers just to personalize a single variable, the list goes on. But it doesn't have to be this way. With the right tool, personalization can be easy – no lengthy configuration, no dev teams, just a straightforward platform that allows marketers to unlock the many benefits of personalization. Here’s how you can use Ninetailed to create personalized landing pages in under a minute with the help of the Ninetailed AI Platform.

Personalized Landing Pages in Under a Minute [with AI]

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