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Ninetailed Linked Audiences: Transforming Audience Management Across Your Digital Landscape

Irina Botea
Irina Botea
November 7, 2023 · 5 min read
Ninetailed Linked Audiences

In a digital landscape where personalized content is king, Ninetailed takes a bold step forward with the release of Linked Audiences—a feature designed to redefine the personalization capabilities of Ninetailed Audiences. This latest enhancement streamlines the management of audience segments across diverse content sources. Linked Audiences empowers marketing managers to deliver cohesive and tailored content seamlessly to their visitors, ensuring consistency and relevance. Let’s see what Linked Audiences are all about.

Unified Audience Segmentation: The Next Frontier in Personalized Marketing

Imagine you’re an international e-commerce brand with a diverse customer base. Each shopper has unique preferences, and your goal is to ensure that no matter which digital storefront they visit, they feel seen and understood. Ninetailed's latest feature - Linked Audiences - is the key to this personalized marketing dream.

Linked Audiences enable the use of Ninetailed Audience configurations across multiple content sources. In simpler terms, you can create an Audience segment once and seamlessly use this configuration across all digital touchpoints. Whether it’s your mobile app, promotional microsites, or main e-commerce platform, each Audience is interlinked, maintaining consistent personalization.

Synchronized Personalization: A Single Source of Truth

Linked Audiences are always in sync with the published configuration from their original source. This ensures that any updates made to the audience profile are immediately reflected across all platforms. For example, if a multinational corporation adjusts its audience segments to target a new regional market, these changes are instantly propagated, ensuring all marketing channels are aligned without the need for manual updates.

Simplifying Audience Management: Intuitive Controls and Insights

This update also brings with it an intuitive way to manage audiences. By clicking on the “link existing Audience” button in your configuration, a selection screen appears, allowing you to choose the audience you wish to link.

Although the rule builder is disabled to prevent accidental alterations to your audience setup, you retain visibility over the current configurations and can dive into Audience Insights to monitor performance.

Perpetual Availability: Your Audiences, Always On

One of the most innovative aspects of Linked Audiences is their resilience. Even if the original Audience is deleted, it will remain available in other content sources that are in use and via Ninetailed until all linked instances are unpublished or deleted. This feature ensures that strategic audience segmentation does not suffer from accidental deletions or mismanagement.

Real-Life Business Value: How Linked Audiences Transform Enterprises

Linked Audiences carry a significant business value, especially for enterprises operating on a global scale. Let's delve into some real-life scenarios to understand the tangible business benefits of Linked Audiences:

  • Global Campaign Coordination: Imagine a Fortune 500 company launching a worldwide initiative. Linked Audiences serves as the linchpin for such enterprises, fostering a unified user experience by applying the same audience targeting criteria globally. Whether a customer interacts with the brand from the bustling streets of New York, the vibrant avenues of Paris, or amidst the neon buzz of Tokyo, they receive a harmonized brand message. This uniformity is not just about maintaining brand integrity; it significantly amplifies customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing a dependable and personalized brand encounter, irrespective of geographical boundaries.

  • Agile Marketing Adjustments: During a product recall, a car manufacturer needs to update its audience segments rapidly to communicate effectively. With Ninetailed, they make the necessary updates in one place, and all content sources reflect these changes immediately, mitigating the risk of misinformation.

  • Enhanced User Experiences: A streaming service utilizes Linked Audiences to recommend content based on viewing history. When a user switches from watching on a smartphone to a smart TV, their recommendations remain consistent, thereby increasing engagement and subscription loyalty.

Advanced Conflict Resolution: No More Duplicate Efforts

In the intricate web of audience management, Linked Audiences emerges as a robust solution to a previously convoluted problem. Before, companies often grappled with the challenge of synchronizing audience segments when they overlapped across different channels. Such overlap could result in inconsistent messaging, diluting the impact of targeted strategies. With the introduction of Linked Audiences, Ninetailed has cleverly bypassed these issues by ensuring that audience segments are seamlessly aligned, allowing for a smooth and cohesive execution of personalized content strategies. The result is a streamlined approach where campaign managers can focus on creating impactful tailored experiences, confident in the knowledge that their audience segments are coherent and reliable across all touchpoints.

In Conclusion: A Step Towards Streamlined Personalization

Linked Audiences is not just an upgrade; it’s a new way for enterprise businesses to approach market engagement, content personalization, and customer experience. It provides the means to deliver consistent, tailored content that speaks directly to the customer, regardless of where they interact with your brand.

With Linked Audiences, enterprise businesses can look forward to a future where audience management is efficient, synchronized, and, most importantly, aligned with the ever-evolving demands of the digital world.

In the broader context of enterprise technology, Linked Audiences from Ninetailed stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of content delivery and audience management. By allowing businesses to link, manage, and utilize Audiences across multiple content sources efficiently, Ninetailed is setting a new standard for content management solutions—fostering a future where personalized customer experiences are not a luxury but a given.

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