• Behavioral Personalization, 
  • User Status Personalization

Feature Webinars and Educational Content for Current Customers

Feature Webinars and Educational Content for Current Customers

The Objective of the Personalization Campaign

Help your customers get more value out of your product with relevant content like webinars or educational content.

How to Personalize Your Educational Content for Your Customers

Your existing customers are unlikely to benefit from a sales-heavy website. Because your clients are already familiarized with your website and product. They are more likely to ignore the content, so you must find a unique way to pique their interest.

You can, however, continue to provide them with content and relevant information that will keep them interested and engaged. A new customer is more likely to be interested in how-to guides, whereas a long-term customer may be interested in product updates.

You can accomplish this by including a sticky banner or modal on your website or even putting their name in the headline or navigation.

Intent Signals

Effects of the Educational Content Personalization for Your Customers

Personalizing the website to existing customers increases retention, engagement, and brand awareness, while also ensuring that new visitors see conversion-focused content and sign up as leads.