Personalize Any Content Module on the Live Preview

Supercharge your experience creation process with Ninetailed and Stackbit. Add and edit variants and simultaneously see how your users experience them

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Add and Edit Personalized Experiences on the Visual Editor

Stackbit and Ninetailed combine to provide a seamless, visual personalization creation process

"With the Ninetailed - Stackbit integration, we’re bringing back visual, on-page editing of personalized experiences that’s actually convenient to use. In fact, the integration gives businesses the most streamlined experience I know of, and I've been working in personalization for a decade."

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Elad Rosenheim, Ex-VP of Technology at Dynamic Yield
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MACH-First Architecture: Personalization Meets Live Preview

MACH-first approach enables Ninetailed and Stackbit to give you the power to see how your users experience your site—in real-time

  • MACH-First Experience Architecture

    Stay ahead of the competition with the MACH-first solutions

By 2023, organizations that have adopted a composable approach will outpace the competition by 80% in the speed of new feature implementation.

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Gartner, 2020
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Integrate Ninetailed and Stackbit into Your Tech Stack in Minutes

Seamless and fast connection with your current headless CMS via our native API integrations, SDKs & plugins for modern frameworks, and composable MACH technology architecture

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"The tooling available between Stackbit and Ninetailed not only opens up advanced customer experience capabilities, but does so in a manner that is incredibly fast to build, fast to operate, and highly performant for the end user."

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Andrew Kumar
Global Head of GTM at Stackbit
Pets Deli E-commerce Success Story Ebook
E-commerce Success Story

How Pets Deli Increased Its Conversion Rates by 51% with Ninetailed and Contentful

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