PlaybookPersonalize the user experience based on the funnel stage


Make your content relevant to the prospect's based on the buying cycle.

How to personalize

If you have a long purchase cycle and your prospects visit your website several times, you should personalize your website to prospective buyers so they receive relevant content and messaging at each stage of the marketing or purchase funnel.

Determine which services customers are most likely to want at each stage of the buying cycle. Then, based on their purchasing cycle, these customers should be segmented:

  • Awareness - top of funnel; potential customers are learning more about a product offering at this point. All outreach should emphasize how a product fills a need.

  • Consideration - middle of funnel; If a customer is interested in a product, they will usually look at what competitors have to offer before making a decision. This is the time to explain how a service differs from others and to provide customer testimonials.

  • Decision - bottom of funnel; in this stage the customer is ready to make a purchase. They frequently require a simple path to purchase, or perhaps a special offer to create a sense of urgency.

  • Assessment of Choice: The buyer's journey does not end when they make a purchase, particularly in service-based industries. The best financial institutions will provide useful content on a regular basis to help people make the most of their offerings and avoid losing them to competitors.

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Personalizing the website by funnel stage increases engagement and conversion rate.