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Take Your ABM to the Next Level with Personalization

Take Your ABM to the Next Level with Personalization

In the dynamic world of Account-Based Marketing (ABM), success is not achieved through a one-size-fits-all approach. It is the fine art of personalization, meticulously tailored strategies, and a deep understanding of your target accounts that truly sets your ABM campaign apart.

Our playbook, "Take Your ABM Game to the Next Level with Personalization," is a comprehensive guide designed to help you navigate this complex landscape. It provides insightful strategies on how to create more targeted website experiences, whether they are tailored for industry-specific personas, company sizes, or entire industries.

By adopting these tailor-made strategies, you can significantly boost the number of qualified leads in your sales funnel, ensuring that your message does not just reach your chosen accounts, but deeply resonates with them.

This playbook will provide you with all the tools you need to refine your ABM strategy, making it a powerful engine for growth.

How a Leading HR Management Solution Utilizes Personalization for Size-Specific Targeting

Personio, a renowned HR management solution, is leveraging the power of personalization to revolutionize its ABM strategy. By employing Ninetailed, they have successfully tailored their website's calls-to-action (CTAs) and messages to specifically target companies according to their sizes—catering distinctly to small businesses and large-scale enterprises.

Their strategy is not just about reaching these audiences—it's about resonating with them on a deeper level.

The impact?

A significant surge in conversions for both segments when compared to their baseline conversion rate.

How to Create ABM Personalization Inside Your CMS

Before jumping to the details, here's a short video showcasing account-based personalization with Ninetailed:

Step 1: Defining the Audience and Creating Personalized Content

Understanding your audience is the first step towards effective personalization in account-based marketing. To achieve this, audience segmentation plays a pivotal role. Here are some of the methods you can employ to create distinct audience segments for your ABM strategy:

  • Paid Campaigns: Utilize UTM parameters to create audiences based on target accounts from your paid campaigns. This allows you to personalize your messaging for these specific accounts, enhancing their user experience and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

  • Intent Data Sources: Platforms such as Albacross, Clearbit, 6Sense, and others provide valuable intent data. Leveraging this data can help you identify and understand the behaviors and interests of your target accounts, enabling you to tailor your content accordingly.

  • CRM Systems: Your CRM, like HubSpot, is a treasure trove of data, including information about open deals, MQLs, SQLs, and more. Use this data to create focused audience segments and deliver personalized experiences that resonate with each group's unique needs and expectations.

  • Customer Data Platforms (CDP): A single-source-of-truth CDP, like Segment, allows you to consolidate and utilize data from various touchpoints across the customer journey. This comprehensive view of your customers empowers you to create highly personalized experiences that drive engagement and conversions.

Once you have your audience defined, the next step is to create personalized content that resonates with each group. This involves tailoring your message to reflect the preferences, needs, and aspirations of your audience segment.

Here is an example of hero headline personalization targeting B2B SaaS companies:

Headline Personalization Targeting B2B Saas - Personalized
Headline Personalization Targeting B2B Saas - Default

Step 2: Testing the Personalized Experience with Ninetailed’s Preview Widget

Since personalized experiences are for specific audiences and based on specific conditions, previewing a personalized experience can be a challenge. This is where Ninetailed’s Preview Widget comes into play.

With Ninetailed’s Preview Widget, you can preview all of your experiences. All you need to do is:

  1. Choose the audience from the list

  2. Select the personalized experience you want to preview

Step 3: Understanding the ROI of Personalization

Up until this point, you read how to define audience segments and create personalized experiences inside your CMS and preview all the personalized experiences you created.

How do you know if your personalization efforts are working?

This is one of the major challenges for marketers today. However, with Ninetailed, you have everything you need to segment your audience, personalize the experiences, and analyze the results.

With Ninetailed’s Experience Insights, you can easily:

  • Understand the impact of personalization on conversion value and conversion rate

  • Display the conversion uplift and the additional number of leads you successfully converted with personalization

  • Compare the personalized variant with the control group at ease

By focusing on these essential metrics, you can easily track the success of your personalized experiences, make data-driven decisions, and optimize your strategies for maximum effectiveness.

Ninetailed’s Insights capabilities don’t stop there. Ninetailed also offers Audience Insights and Component Insights.

Determining what content to experiment with or personalize starts with understanding your audience segments. Audience Insights visualizes the number of profiles and sessions your audience segments had over time.

You can use this information to identify the audience segments with the highest impact for personalized and/or experimental content.

Now you know the details about your audience segments. So, which content should you personalize first?

Component Insights, another addition to Ninetailed’s segmentation capabilities, is the feature that shows you which content components are seen how many times by specific audience segments.

Component Insights tabulates what content entries specific audience segments have seen. You can use this information to identify the highest-impact content entries for personalized and/or experimental content.

The Bottom Line

As we wrap up this playbook, "Take Your ABM Game to the Next Level with Personalization," it's important to underscore how simple and efficient it is to create personalized experiences for different accounts, industries, or target personas when you leverage the power of Ninetailed.

With everything housed within the CMS, it eliminates the need to rely on developers, saving you significant time and resources. Its exceptional ability and flexibility to leverage your own data empowers you to truly tailor your strategies to unique needs of your target accounts.

Perhaps most impressively, Ninetailed allows you to launch your personalized ABM campaigns in just a matter of hours, not months. This speed to market can be a game-changer in today's fast-paced business environment, giving you the competitive edge to stand out and make a real impact.

In essence, Ninetailed can be your secret weapon to elevate your ABM strategy, enabling you to engage your audience more effectively and drive higher conversions. So, take the leap, harness the power of personalization, and watch your ABM game soar to unprecedented heights.

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