Beyond Transactions: Iconic Brands & Digital Consumers

Learn how iconic brands like Kraft Heinz, Sephora, and Coca-Cola thrive in the digital age through a blend of tradition and innovation by:

  • Prioritizing meaningful digital connections, combining traditional loyalty with personalized experiences.

  • Captivating both loyal followers and new digital natives by staying relevant and beloved across generations.

  • Involving a dynamic embrace of digital transformation, making each customer feel uniquely valued.

Results Iconic Companies Achieve By Creating Personalized Experiences

increase in conversion rates
boost in user engagement
rise in customer satisfaction

Our Speakers

Chief Platform Officer at Apply Digital

Brian Lloyd

Brian has led the implementation of innovative, scalable digital platforms and product strategies across diverse global industries for 25+ years.

His expertise includes cutting-edge technologies like MACH, DXPs, composable enterprises, and composable commerce, delivering large-scale, high-availability solutions for global brands. At Apply Digital, Brian is involved in incubating services, fostering professional team growth, strategic partnerships, IP creation, multi-touchpoint commerce, technology leadership, vendor relations, solution engineering, and thought leadership across various sectors.

Brian Lloyd
Directory of Industry Strategy at Talon.One

Sam Panzer

Sam Panzer leads the strategy practice at Talon.One, helping brands assess the business value of various improvement work to their promotional and loyalty incentives. Sam has been with Talon.One for 5 years supporting brands like adidas, REI, River Island, Live Nation, and Burger King to optimize their promotional spend and engineer experiences that drive repeat purchases, and brings a depth of experience of how the world’s most beloved brands incentivize & reward users to build an emotional bond. Prior to Talon.One, Sam built guest engagement strategies with retail real estate brands like Westfield, Brookfield, and Macerich and worked as an analyst in the grocery, restaurant, and CPG space.

Sam Panzer
CEO and Co-Founder

Andy Kaiser

Andy Kaiser is CEO & Co-Founder of Ninetailed, with a background in psychology, marketing, data and entrepreneurship. Andy is a determined thought leader and entrepreneur, advocator of well-crafted digital products and experiences with true innovativeness and expression. With expertise in psychology, marketing, data and entrepreneurship, he has over twenty years of experience in enterprise CMS, digital companies, and advertising agencies. He is passionate about data and how it can be used to create meaningful experiences while remaining customer-centric and privacy-conscious.

CEO and Co-Founder - Andy Kaiser

Moderated By

VP of Marketing

Irina Botea

Irina is VP of Marketing at Ninetailed, where she cuts through the noise to get things done. With over a decade of experience in driving the growth and success of technology companies, Irina has built a reputation for valuing clear communication and practical solutions over industry jargon.

She also serves as the Co-Chair of the MACH Alliance Marketing Council, driving forward the conversation on composable architectures and best-of-breed enterprise technology ecosystems.

Outside of work, Irina unwinds on the biking trail or with a good book, a testament to her belief in the importance of balance and real connections.

VP of Marketing - Irina Botea