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Experiment, Personalize, Fast

Outstanding and modern companies improve and grow with experimenation, personalization and performance.

Always be innovating

Companies like Amazon, Google, and Netflix win through fast-cycle scientific experiments. Modern teams need to innovate, iterate and go to market faster.

Build digital experiences

Consumers expect relevant content and personalized digital experiences. Modern companies accelerate the creation of audience specific content.

Performance is vital

Web performance effects your search rankings, bounce rates, brand awarness and revenue. It cannot be a trade-off for modern teams and companies.

Easily personalize your website for each visitor within your headless CMS.

Create personalized experiences to grow and nurture your audience within your headless CMS.

Convert your traffic more efficiently

Improve your lead generation, prospect quality and overall sales with a personalized funnel experience.

From personas to sales

Personalize for segments, personas and single persons.

Personalization at scale for ABM

Create inbound personalized pages that convert

With Ninetailed our signups increased 40%. With personalized landing pages for campaigns and cities we can now grow much faster.

Alexander de Waardt
Alexander de Waardt, Careibu

Personalization for Next-Gen SEO

Improved SEO with lower bounce rate, better engagement and lightning-fast web performance.

100% fast personalization

Score a perfect 100% on Google PageSpeed Insights with our Edge Side [re]Rendering technology.

Great page experiences enable people to get more done and engage more deeply.

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Google Webmasters Blog, May 2020

Real-time customer data hub

Create better digital experiences with data-driven personalization and real-time marketing experiences with 1st party data and integrations with data-sources or CDP.

Actionable data

Identify visitors with actionable data and enhance their experiences.

Define the right audience easily

Build perfect audiences and segments with multiple signals, intents, and unlimited traits: visited page, city, or campaign. Integrate data from other tools like firmographic or shopping data.

Behavior signals

Page views, visited page, website events, time on page, time since first or last arrival, page referrer,...

Campaign signals

UTM parameters, query parameter and page referrer.

Conversion signals

Conversion events (sign-ups), visited page and engagement events.
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86% of consumers say personalization plays a role in their purchase decisions.

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We care about the protection of your data. Read our Privacy Policy.