Composable Headless Personalization for GraphCMS

Add real-time omnichannel personalization to your GraphCMS website in minutes

Audience Builder for GraphCMS

Composable Personalization for GraphCMS

We bring together everything that’s required to build GraphCMS websites with dynamic content for personalization and smart content

Composable Architecture

Seamless and Fast Integration with GraphCMS

Seamless and fast integration with your current technology stack with our native API integrations and composable headless technology architecture.

Ideal integration with headless CMS

Create personalized experiences within your headless CMS. No external tool for full focus on content creation and workflows.
Composable Architecture for GraphCMS

Privacy-First Personalization

Cookieless Personalization

Leverage your own zero-party and first-party data for personalization without compromising privacy.

Truly Meaningful Personalization

Source all customer data under one single merged profile to enable seamless real-time delivery with our geo-distributed API and edge side re-rendering technology and truly meaningful omnichannel personalization.

100% fast personalization

Score a perfect 100% on Google PageSpeed Insights with our Edge Side [re]Rendering technology.

Define the Right Audience with Different Signals

Build perfect audiences and segments with multiple signals, intents, and unlimited traits: behavioral data, geographic data, campaign data, firmographic data, or shopping data.

Behavior signals

Page views, visited page, website events, time on page, time since first or last arrival, page referrer,...

Campaign signals

UTM parameters, query parameter and page referrer.

Conversion signals

Conversion events (sign-ups), visited page and engagement events.

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