PlaybookPersonalize for middle of the funnel


Make your content relevant to the prospect's funnel stage.

How to personalize

During the consideration or evaluation stage, buyers gain insight into how your product compares to competitors, how implementation will go, or how you will affect the workflow and KPIs of their larger team. Making content available about how various stakeholders can use your product or highlighting a competitor comparison can be beneficial in this situation.

Returning visitors who have been identified with an email address, whether to sign up for your newsletter or to book a demo, are all intent signals that they are in the consideration stage. This is a good starting point, but you can make your audiences even more powerful by enriching these identified visitors and utilizing firmographic personalizaton.

Intent Signals

Campaign data

Email & newsletter data

Page engagement

Firmographic data


Personalizing the website by bottom of the funnel stage increases engagement and conversion rate.