PlaybookPersonalize for bottom of the funnel


Make your content relevant to the prospect's funnel stage.

How to personalize

If you attract a large number of leads to your website and keep them engaged. You'd like to concentrate your efforts now on improving someone's experience at the final stage: the decision phase. These are the people who have made it through, they have shown interest and invested the time to learn more about you, and you now need that closeness.

What the decision stage entails will differ from one company to the next. To begin with, a visitor must be an identified lead in order to be considered at the bottom of the funnel.

As the prospect seeks budget approval during the decision phase, ROI information or calculators could be extremely useful.

Intent Signals

Campaign data

Email & newsletter data

Page engagement

Click events

Conversion events


Personalizing the website by bottom of the funnel stage increases conversion rate.