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Increase Revenue.

Increase conversions and drive growth by creating personalized experiences and experiments inside your CMS with your customer data and content

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Organizations That Are Converting More Visitors Into Customers with Ninetailed

Increase your revenue from the same traffic by creating, testing, and analyzing experiences with Ninetailed

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Key Results Achieved with Ninetailed

Higher Conversion Rates
Higher CTRs
Minutes to Create Experience

Drive Higher ROI and Fuel Conversion by Segmenting Your Visitors

Define custom segmentation rules inside your CMS based on your data to personalize and experiment for your audiences

  • Easy Customer Segmentation. All Inside Your CMS

    You can create your audience segments inside your CMS, just like you're creating a title for your blog post

  • Progressive Profiling and Real-Time Updates on Your Customer Segments

    Your customer segments are dynamic and updated in real-time based on first-party data, website behavior, events, and more

  • Connect with Multiple Data Sources to Create Better Customer Segments

    Connect Ninetailed with Segment, Zapier, Albacross, your CDP, CRM, and other data sources to leverage first-party data

Ninetailed Audience Segmentation

Increase Conversions on Your Website with Personalized Experiences

Quickly and easily add personalized experiences to your website, start showing the right experience to the right person, and increase your bottom line

  • Create Personalized Experiences without Breaking Your Content Workflow

    Create personalized experiences inside your CMS workflow without depending on developers and enjoy fast time to value

  • Personalization without Compromising Privacy

    With Ninetailed, you can easily leverage the zero- and first-party customer data you have for personalized experiences

  • Make More Conversions from Every Visit by Creating Experiences at a Scale

    Ninetailed gives you a seamless workflow, enabling you to create, analyze, and iterate personalization campaigns fast

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E-commerce Success Story

How Pets Deli Increased Its Conversion Rates by 51% with Ninetailed and Contentful

Ninetailed enabled Ruggable to create experiences in under an hour - down from one day for a simple message personalization and two days for a promo banner personalization

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Dylan Feiner
Product at Ruggable

Test Any Content on Your Website to Eliminate the Guesswork

Get more out of your content. Stop wasting time and money on things that don't work. Spend more time on the things that do work by making data-driven decisions with experiments

  • Get More Conversions from the Same Traffic with Experiments

    Understand what works and increase conversion rates and grow your revenue by doing tests — even for personalized experiences

  • Anyone at Your Team Can Create Experiments Inside the CMS. In a No-Code Environment

    Create A/B tests and experiments inside the CMS without depending on developers and enjoy having fast time to value

  • Take Your Experiments Beyond A/B Testing

    Increase your CTRs, conversions, and revenue with A/B/n testing and multi-component testing

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Experience Analytics

Make Data-Driven Decisions to Improve Conversions with Ninetailed Experience Analytics

Understand the impact of personalization and experiments on your conversion rates, business growth, and digital customer experience with Ninetailed Experience Analytics

  • Analyze the Conversion Uplift You Achieved with Ninetailed

    Analyze the conversion uplift and the additional number of leads you successfully converted with Ninetailed

  • Understand the Impact on the Business Growth

    Show the impact of personalization and experimentation on revenue, pipeline growth, and profitability

  • Enable Anyone In Your Team to Compare the Experiences Easily

    Compare your personalized campaigns and experiments at ease on Ninetailed Experience Analytics without depending on anyone

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Composable MarTech

Enjoy the Flexibility of Adding Content Sources, Customer Data, and Analytics. In Minutes

Ninetailed is a composable marketing technology built on MACH principles — enabling Ninetailed to connect with your tech stack easily

  • Easy and Fast Integration with Your Tech Stack

    Ninetailed offers native integrations, plugins, and SDKs for fast and seamless integrations

  • Freedom of Connecting Any Customer Data, Content Source, and Analytics with API-first Approach

    Connect Ninetailed with your CDP, CRM, other customer data solutions, content sources, and analytics destinations

"I found Ninetailed’s API to be most flexible, easily integrating with our current tech stack and quickly enabling new features."

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Sascha Turowski, Chief Technology Officer at Pets Deli
Ninetailed Partners and Connections

Empower Every Team In Your Company with Ninetailed

Enhance your customers' experience and grow your customers with MACH-first experience optimization for headless CMSs and modern JAMstack frameworks without performance trade-offs

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How Ruggable Increased Its Conversions by 25% with Ninetailed

In this post, you'll read how Ruggable increased its conversions by 25%, CTRs by 7x, and decreased its personalization creation to 30-min with Ninetailed.

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